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Change your story with Beautique lash Academy  certification

Beautique Lash Academy Certification is available for 2 different techniques.
Classic Lash Certification teaches Classic technique, which is the art of applying 1 lash extension to 1 natural lash.

Volume Lash Certification teaches the Volume technique, which is the art of applying 2 or more lash extensions to 1 natural lash safely and masterfully. 

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Pre-requisites & Student responsibilities

- Check with Michigan's Cosmetology Board to understand the state requirements for someone to perform lash extensions.
- 1 Model: Students are responsible for securing 1 model on day 2 of the class. We find that most people are most comfortable working on their own models. Your model will need to be available from 10:00am - 5:00pm on day 2 so you can do a full-set.

Course includes

-Comprehensive Manual
-Student and live model practice
- Client practical service and business consultation
- An official Lash Certification
- Ongoing mentorship and support
- Starter Kit

Day 1


- 10am-1pm- Training
- 1pm-2pm- Lunch
- 2pm-5pm- Training

Day 2


- 10am-11am- Demo on model
- 11am-1pm- Student models
- 1pm-2pm- Lunch
- 2pm-4pm- Continue model work
4pm-5pm- Questions+ Class Wrap-up



-The eye
-Types of eyelash extensions
-Workplace setup
-Self care
-Allergic reactions
- Maintenance and care


-Eye Patches
-Classic Lash Tray
-Volume Lash Tray 
-Eye Tape
-Glue Rings

Classic Course- $699
Volume Course (Classic pre-requisite)- $799
Classic and Volume Bundle (Must Purchase  Together)- $1199

*$500 Deposit due at sign up

We offer: Classic and Volume Lash Extension Certification

2-DAY Classic or Volume Lash Extension Certification Course

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